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Web Design FAQs

Frequently-Asked Questions about Minneapolis Website Design

How long will it take to build my website?
Every website is different, but it will probably take less time than you think. The time needed will depend on how many pages your website contains and what features the website includes. We’ll set up a schedule for the site ahead of time, and complete it on time.
How much will my website cost?
That will depend on many factors. However, we use the latest Content Management systems to design websites, and our team of experts works quickly and efficiently to control your costs. We’ll provide a price quote once site specifications are complete.
I don’t need much of a site. Can’t I just get some college student to design it?
That’s probably not a good move. An inexperienced student may not do the job you deserve, and may take far longer than you’d think to get it finished. Besides, your business deserves a professionally designed website. Unless you don’t have much of a business, you need more than “not much of a site.”
I have a website, and it doesn’t produce leads. How do I know you’ll do any better?
We can show you that we’ll do better. Websites we have designed are working every day for businesses in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, generating business. Let us evaluate your website at no charge, then show you what we can do for you.
My marketing budget is stretched to the limit. How can I afford a new website?
You may have much of your marketing budget invested in old-school marketing tools. Getting rid of old-fashioned, non-performing marketing strategies can free up funds for today’s most effective marketing tool – your business website. We can show you how.
I have a website, but the people who designed it have closed their doors. What now?
Contact AmalgaMedia today! We’ll evaluate your current website and propose a complete makeover, using today’s proven website strategies. If your old designer is out of business, odds are they didn’t do as good a job on your site as you deserve.
An Internet Directory Company is after me to use them. Why shouldn’t I do that?
That’s probably not your best option. Those Internet directories are a lot like the old-time Yellow Pages. Your listing competes with every other listing in your category. A well designed website, incorporating SEO features will beat Internet directories every time. Contact us and we’ll show you how and why.
My accounting software company lets me build my own website. Should I?
Not if you want results. Those template-based websites just can’t do the job. You need a full-featured website, created by experts, if you hope to compete in today’s marketplace. A cookie-cutter point of presence site like those just isn’t enough today. Contact us and we’ll explain further.
My dental practice needs a good website. What do you know about dentistry?
Your practice is a business, and has the same basic website needs as any other business. Our content writers will do all the necessary research to create content specific to your type of business. Your input and approval is always part of the process. Contact us, and we’ll show you how flexible and capable we are.
My best salesman knows a lot about computers. Why not let him write my website?
There’s a big difference between face-to-face sales and effective website content writing. Our content writers are experts at what they do. Don’t take your best salesman off the job he’s good at. Put AmalgaMedia on the job we do best.
I hired someone to do my website. Six months ago. Can you do better?
That’s just not right. Contact us and get rid of that designer. We’ll propose a website design and give you a firm schedule and price. We’ll deliver a high-quality website on time and on budget. It’ll take far less time than you think. That’s a promise we won’t break.
I’m so busy I can’t think straight. How much of my time will this website take?
It needn’t take much of your time at all. Once we propose a website design and you review the proposal, we’ll go to work. When it’s finished, you’ll review it and tell us about changes you want. We’ll do the revisions and it will be done. In most cases, business owners make very few changes.
OK, I’m sold. How do we get started?
That’s easy. Contact us now and we’ll put things into motion. We’ll start by evaluating your current website. Then, we’ll report on what we find and make a proposal. If that meets with your approval, we’ll take it from there. Your new website will be up and running quickly and doing its job of generating new business.