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Eye Pleasing Design

Your Website Needs More Than A Pretty Face
There are many websites on the Internet that are beautiful to look at. Many people think of how attractive a website is when they talk about website design. And that’s the only thing they consider. But, as the saying goes, “Beauty is only skin deep.” That’s as true of websites as it is of anything else.

A business website has just one function: It should be designed to create new customers for the business. If it doesn’t do that, it doesn’t matter how nice it looks. A brand new Corvette is a beautiful car, but you can’t load a refrigerator into it and deliver it to your customer. A big boxy truck is a better deal for a business than a whole fleet of Corvettes.

Having an attractive website is important, but it’s just a small part of what your business site needs. Under the attractive skin of an effective website is where the real beauty lives. Here are the factors that turn an attractive website into new business for your company:

  • Navigation Features – These are the links that take your visitor on a tour of your website’s pages, with each page having the goal of selling the visitor on buying your products or using your services.
  • Site Content – The words and images on your site are the site’s sales staff. They carefully and effectively convince the visitor that your business is the one they want to patronize.
  • Search Engine Optimization – These subtle elements of your site’s content help people find your site on Internet search engines like Google. Even at the simplest level, you can’t do without them.
  • Conversion Tools – These invisible psychological content elements motivate your site visitors to take action and initiate contact or actually buy a product.
  • Contact Tools – Carefully designed forms and email links let your customer communicate with you and provide you with information about the customer.

Delivering The Goods
Some of the most powerfully effective websites on the Internet are deceptively plain. Like a delivery truck, they do their job and do it very, very well. Look at Google, for example. One of the most powerful websites in the world, it looks very simple and unexciting. Yet, its powerful tools attract and serve millions of customers every hour. It gives them what they need, and they flock to it, despite its plain appearance.

Your website should look good, of course, but what it really needs to do is bring in business. It needs to sell visitors on coming to your business for their needs. That’s a far more important job. If your website gets the results you want, it’s going to look very good, indeed.

High Rank Web Designs Minneapolis Websites That Work

When you hire High Rank Web to design your business website, we’ll design a good-looking, attractive website, but we don’t stop there. That’s just the beginning. Our experts will devote their energy and experience to making your website deliver customers to your business. We know that’s our real job, and we know how to do it. Every element of the site will work to educate and motivate visitors to choose your business to fill their needs. Contact us today and get us started on your website.