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Evaluating Web Designers

How To Evaluate a Minneapolis Website Designer

These days, it seems like everyone and their cousin in the computer business has decided to become a website designer. From college students to recently laid-off people in all walks of life, the ads for new website designers seem to pop up everywhere. Choosing the right designer for your company’s website can seem like a tough job. Here are some ways to thin down the herd and pick out a designer who can do the job you deserve:

  • Look at Their Websites – That should be your first step. Website designers’ own websites should be prime examples of their capabilities. Look beyond the basic appearance of the site and judge whether or not the site sells you on their abilities.
  • Check Their Experience – How long have they been in the business of designing websites? You should expect to see links to sites they have designed. Check those out carefully. Past performance is a good predictor of future results.
  • Check Their References – Any website designer worth his or her salt should be happy to refer you to previous and current clients as references. Beware of designers who can’t or won’t do this.
  • Ask About Their Staff – If the designer you talk to is a one-person shop, be careful. The Jack-of-all-trades may not be able to give you expertise in all areas of web design. An effective web designer employs or contracts with others who have specific expertise in areas like content writing and search engine optimization.
  • Ask For A Plan – As you narrow the field, have prospective designers evaluate your current site and propose a plan for your new site. You should expect a report that makes sense to you and a clear, well thought out plan. Don’t accept vague promises.
  • Ask about The Schedule – Can the designer start on your site now and finish it quickly and efficiently? Ask for a specific timetable for your site before engaging a website designer. Too many businesses have waited months for results.
  • Get a Firm Price – An experienced website designer knows how much time it will take to produce your site. You should get a firm quote on the total price for the site. Be wary of those wanting to do hourly billing.
  • Make a Decision – When you find the right website designer, contract with him or her to create your site. Expect a written contract for the job, with scheduling and pricing included. Expect to pay a substantial deposit at contract signing, with the balance to be paid on completion and acceptance.

Professional Results Demand Professionals

You’re a professional businessperson. You should expect a web design firm to be just as professional. After all, your company’s website is a critical part of your marketing plan. Choose a website designer as carefully as you choose any other contractor. Don’t settle for less, or your website will likely not do the job you paid for.

High Rank Web Is Your Twin Cities Professional Website Designer

We pride ourselves on our expertise, experience and professionalism. When you contract with us to produce your business web site, you can rely on us to work efficiently, expertly, and skillfully to create a web site that delivers customers to your business. That’s what we do, and we’re good at it. Contact High Rank Web today for a free evaluation of your current website. Let us help your business make its mark on the Internet.